Ollie Judge


Hello there. I’m Ollie Judge. I’m a content strategist and executive producer that has worked across audio, video and interactive. My job as a producer has always been to help creative folk tell the best stories they can.

I started my career at the advent of streaming video. As Youtube was getting going I worked with a few up and coming creators figure out their brands beging to figure out how to make money by producing consistent video work.

From there I moved into marketing developing new ways of reaching audiences and helping to craft best principles around streaming video and early social media campaigns. I worked with companies and at one point very briefly a market research company until I felt marketing wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Media and entertainment drew me back in. I’d been listening to podcasts for years, when an opportunity presented itself to produce podcasts in the Fintech space. For a few years I ran a team that produced some of the most listened to business podcasts in the world, even breaking into the interesting world of live shows.

Most recently I founded a digital entertainment company called Adrift. We focus on telling stories where we put narrative first. We’ve transformed how some of the companies we work with interact with their audiences, but also produced our own original stories that go beyond what you would expect from traditional mediums.

I’m currently based just outside of London, UK and I’m always looking for new stories to tell. When I’m not working you can frequently find me down a rabbit hole looking for the next best way to tell a story.