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Sep 3, 2021
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A Look Back At What Was and What Comes Next

I think I've installed Ghost over ten times in the last few years, let it fall out of date and removed the server, only to start the cycle all over again a few months later. I've always attempted to write around the work I do daily, but since writing is what I do for a living it often falls to the wayside.
A couple of things happened recently that I feel might be useful and helpful to document for people who are trying to forge their way into telling stories for a living.
Adrift is coming up for its third birthday, and up until this point we primarily worked with clients on bringing their stories to life whether it be through podcasts, video, or marketing campaigns. This was never the aim though, we always wanted to tell our own stories. Recently, we finally put the wheels in motion to make our own stories the core focus of what we do.
It's through this process though that we're learning new things and trying to tread on some untrodden ground with some of the stories we tell. All this has also resulted in a bit of a sea change in how I think about the work we produce. This site will become a small part of sussing out my thinking of trying to put together what I hope will be a successful studio and a new way of telling stories.
So here's the plan.

The Great Reset

I've reset my social accounts. All the way back to zero. Over time my accounts had been associated with my work in marketing and finance. Although I still like to keep an eye over that side of the fence, it's not really want I want to be filling up my free minutes with.
I've started again to retrain the algorithms to focus on artists, writers and people who are pushing storytelling mediums further. In the few days since the reset I've found, particularly with Twitter, that I have a much healthier and less frustrating experience.
Press Here To Start New GameI'm trying to be a bit more active on the bird site too. You can follow me here.

What is this place?

This place, this website, is going to be a place for thoughts that don't fit anywhere else. To try and stay on top of my game I frequently tinker with new tech, consume an awful amount of media and generally experiment with how stories come to be.
This blog will become a diary for the peaks and valleys of obsession. I'll try to explore bad ideas, as well as good ones. I think it's as important to document the mistakes as much as the successes.
Warts and all I'd like this to become a repository of what happens when you try to build an entertainment studio from the ground up.

Finding Time For Art

With branded content production came company politics, with politics came meetings. It's been a while since I've etched out time to work on my writing and art. The reason I got into the storytelling industry was because I liked how your off shoot hobbies could contribute back into your work.
However, work sometimes overrides the hobby. I'll be using this site, as well as my renewed social profiles, to find time for hobbies and art that doesn't have purpose. So if you like abstract 3D art, winding narratives and bad photography this might be the place for you.

Join Me

My aim is to find a bit of time every week to share. I hope the writing you find here is useful andsometimes funny, and if anything provides you with a bit of an escape from whatever you are working on.
So if you'd like to follow these new adventures feel to hit the button to subscribe or find me on Twitter.