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Inspired by UsesThis and a number of other stacks on personal sites. I always find it endlessly fascinating what people use every day. So here are mine.

Updated: 21/5/2024. I’ve recently been on the move a bit more so my toolbox has shrunk to match movement.

✨ Software

Life Management

  • Mimestream (Email)
  • Clay (Personal CRM)
  • Linear (Project/Tinkering Managament)
  • Notes (It’s always there)

Game Development

  • Unreal Engine (For heavy lifting on core projects)
  • Godot (Lightweight design experiments and toy apps)
  • Blender (Every version this jumps ahead and impresses me)
  • FMOD Studio (Once an audio nerd, always and audio nerd.)

Content Creation

  • Final Cut Pro (I’m still holding on until something better comes along)
  • Logic (Always rock solid and plays nice with everything I use)
  • Descript (I’ve been surprised how much I still use this day in day out for quick audio edits)
  • Notion (Always feels satisfying to write in, even if I do not use it’s full powers)

HomeLab and Self Hosted

  • Umami (Self rolled privacy centric analytics)
  • Uptime Kuma (Plays nice with Discord and Homelab services)

Misc Utilities

  • Tailscale (DNS/VPN)
  • NextDNS (Integrates with Tailscale and kills ads)
  • Raycast (Better Spotlight With Magic Powers. It’s also recently killed Fantastical for me.)
  • Apple Music
  • Ivory (RIP Tweetbot)
  • Nova (Code Editor/IDE)
  • Rider (IDE for Game Dev)

💾 Hardware


  • Macbook Pro 16” M3 Pro
  • Logitech MX Master 3S
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max


  • Airpods Pro (Never was an in-ear person until these converted me)
  • B&O H6 V2 (These have been out of production for years, but I still manage to snag them on eBay)
  • Shure M7 (As much as I’d love to travel with a SM7B, a pream and an interface this works just fine)


(No TV right now so this is my portable ‘Airbnb’ setup)

  • Apple TV 4K (It’s small works well with Tailscale)
  • Homepod Mini (Works wonders with bad TV speakers)


  • Nintendo Switch (Still holds out as the best device on the move)
  • Geforce Now (I know it doesn’t count as hardware, but an HDMI cable and my laptop works as a AAA machine when needed)
  • Xbox Series Controller (Still can’t shake the offset sticks)