Ollie Judge

The Toolbox

Content Creation

  • Blender Learning slowly but surely. Has come to replace Maya and After Effects for me.
  • Unreal Engine The center of my creative world right now. Pulls Blender and storytelling work together. Currenly sticking with 4.27 for Movie Render Queue.
  • Affinity Desinger/Photo The key to ridding myself of the Adobe Suite replaces Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Final Cut Pro X Weapon of choice for video editing. Consistently blazing fast without too many crashes.
  • Logic Pro X Like video editing software, I tried a range of DAWs and ended up with Logic.
  • I’ve made a few podcasts. Some of my favourite extra tools for podcasting include:
    • Descript Quick transcription and narrative assembly with a nice clean export to Logic
    • Reels.So for making audiograms less of a headache
    • Transistor Slick easy to use podcast hosting with great support and helps externals (clients/marketers) get their head around the podcast ecosystem.

Web Stuff

  • VSCode The best editor for me. Tried a bunch over the years and VSCode still works.
  • ITerm2 Nice upgrade from stock terminal.
  • Hugo Go to for simple sites.
  • Elxir + Phoenix Dabbled with Rails in the past but this stack has stuck for me for small apps or web based tools for Unreal Engine.
  • Postgres You’ll find no Blockchains or NoSQL here.
  • Render Switched from running on Digital Ocean, workflow is really nice. However I am giving Fly a look at the moment.

Day to Day Software

  • Things My long standing to-do list app. I’ve seen all kinds of systems come and go, but Things stays consistent year after year.
  • Craft After switching from Notion, Craft feels snappy and with new extensions can do some powerful stuff.
  • Favro New favourite for team collaboration. Works well with game developers and non-technical people alike.
  • Safari For general use and Brave for when I need something Chromium based.
  • Cron Has taken the spot Fantastical used to own.
  • Mimestream This one appeared out of the blue and has finally relieved me from the clunky but familiar Spark.



Last updated: 2022-01-25